08 January 2017

Make Up Obsession: Gold Liner

Ég setti inn förðun með gull eyeliner fyrir svolitlu síðan en þá var ég að prófa nýjan lit frá H&M í fyrsta skipti. Mér finnst þetta skemmtileg tilbreyting á klassíska eyelinernum og ákvað að taka þetta skrefinu lengra á dögunum. Mér finnst þessi H&M eyeliner ekki ná að standa einn, liturinn er ekki nógu afgerandi, en hann er mjög flottur í svona tvöfalt eyeliner lúkk. Þetta er eitt af nýju uppáhalds, hvað finnst ykkur? Kannski ekki fyrir dagleg störf en skemmtilega öðruvísi fyrir sérstök tilefni.

I posted a make up look a while back using a new gold eyeliner from H&M for the first time. I think it is a really fun twist to a the classic cat eye eyeliner look we all know and wanted to take it a step further on my second try. Personally I don't feel like this particular eyeliner can really stand on its own, it's not really pigmented enough, but I really love it in a double-liner look combined with a statement black cat eye. This is definitely a new favourite, what do you think? Maybe not an everyday look but a fun and different twist for a special occasion.

H&M - Gel Eyeliner in Gold Rush, Dipliner Ink and Liquid Eyeliner in Black

04 January 2017


A lot went down in 2016. I tore my ACL snowboarding which is indeed a bummer. During the summer I travelled to France and Monaco, went on road trips and scouted a lot of swimming pools. In the fall I found a new team and (to be sentimental) a sort of a second home, made new friends and sort of re-fell in love with basketball. I left my job to start school once more. It taught me a lot, especially working with kids all ages, and I made great friends for life. This past fall and winter was tough and it took it's toll. The correct diagnosis for the knee injury came in November, more than 8 months after the fall that caused it, and it took me reinjuring it twice to finally get it properly checked out. I said good bye to my best furry friend Lísa and honestly it broke my heart. 

But now here we are, new year and new challenges. A little puppy now named Kolur is brightening up every day and helping everyone through the loss of our fluffball. A knee-surgery is scheduled in a month and the rest of the year from there on will be a uphill battle to make it back on the court. It wasn't the best year but still it was a very good year in so many ways.

02 January 2017

The Holidays

Just to sum it up - lots of make up appreciation selfies, the mandatory outfit photos, puppy spam and unfortunately a whole lot of studying.
Stay tuned for everything that 2017 will bring.
Happy New Year!